powerutil is a library of assembly code. The library is provided as a single file for including into your code. An initialization macro takes parameters through which you specify things like byte endianness for storage access.

To use powerutil include the powerutil.s file and call the powerutil macro with your desired configuration.

.include "powerutil.s"
powerutil endian=little

/* powerutil API available, with little endian storage access */

Initialization Parameters

powerutil endian?
Initialize powerutil with specified configuration.
Parameters:endian (string) – Byte endianness for storage access. Allowed values “big” or “little”. Optional. No default. Leaving unspecified disables the endianness abstraction layer (abstracted macros like lvxu will be unavailable). Explicit endianness macros are always available (for example, lvxu_be or lvxu_le).